I feel ashamed

I have been a lifelong opponent of anything this or any past ‘tory’ government has stood for in my lifetime ,. but you can imagine my horror to find myself agreeing with none other than the tories one time right hand man , the very tory who amused the tory conference with a little  fascist ditty he made up .. exposing what he really thought about the working class

I’ve got a little list / Of benefit offenders who I’ll soon be rooting out / And who never would be missed / They never would be missed. / There’s those who make up bogus claims / In half a dozen names / And councillors who draw the dole / To run left-wing campaigns / They never would be missed / They never would be missed. / There’s young ladies who get pregnant just to jump the housing queue / And dads who won’t support the kids / of ladies they have … kissed / And I haven’t even mentioned all those sponging socialists / I’ve got them on my list / And there’s none of them be missed / There’s none of them be missed………..

well the same tory grandee has called for the legalization of weed..       peter lilley…… [livered bastard]

 can I believe it ??? yes I can ..as it is one of the most vicious laws ever invented,  and all to outlaw a plant that makes you feel good……I honestly think .they are thinking only of the tax ££ they can reap in .. [as were skint] .. or its to pacify people for the coming austerity storm …. 



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Economic meltdown ..is it imminent ?     

I think so .. look at the debt  £ trillions .. is it impossible to clear the debt ?

we have very few ‘industries that produce the kind of goods that get a nation wealthy, we have very dodgy banking & /finance services .,but we see that being the haven for many a crooked cartel ,rigging libor .,bailing out crooks with public cash , laundering ill gotten gains of drug bosses, you really couldn’t make it up , then theres some scandal about Gordon brown & bliar & the USA & German gold , Brown   THEN selling off our nations gold reserve at massively low prices .. I smell a rat somewhere in that gold sale …..

So are we going to go into meltdown ?   when ever in history we have seen nations , empires etc  fall .. there is always a calm before the storm .. this is a charade played out by wealthy elites . they go about life as though nothing in wrong . this is to enable them to play the power game right to the last day .. behind the scene is controlled chaos .. they are busy ,planning their escape ,& transfer of wealth ..  hundreds of years ago . wealth was molded into statures of gold /silver / jewellery , this enabled a fast get away with the wealth if need be in times of great upheaval … we seen a rocket in gold & silver prices .. another sign of economic collapse where people no longer trust currency , and transfer cash into solid gold / silver ..

the distractions from the big picture …

we see the media playing out a game of shock the public , the high profile sex exposes of saville   & various other ”celebrities” for decades of child abuse .it was widely known in high circles jimmy saville was a monster , they even gave him an MBE,, Cyril Smith and many many more are now exposed for what they are ..were known to those in power .police files exsisted about MPs in 70s /80s involved in care home scandals …….

could it be that these unsavory characters are given carte blanche until its time for the state to use them to distract us from bigger issues